Friday, 2 January 2015

A new mother, a new world....

Welcome to my first blog, my first site (unless you count the website I made in 1996 full of stolen jokes and clip art). Here's to new experiences navigating my new world of motherhood. Looking for who I am and who I will me...

3 Months ago my world was different, 3 months ago it was just me, my husband and our cat, Kitkat.

On October 4 we welcomed our amazing little girl, Elena. Don't get me wrong, she is the most beautiful, most wonderful thing to ever enter my life. I love being a mum, more than I ever though I could... but in the process, where have I gone?

When I had my baby, I lost my job, my single friends, my identity. So where to now? Being a mum is the greatest thing. The little things she does every day makes me smile. I love looking after our girl, looking after our home, looking after my husband. I'm also a cook, a decorator, a nurse, a caregiver, an animal wrangler, and sales agent.... all these things that a modern day wife and mother is. I thought I could fill a book with all the lessons. I'm learning as a mother and homemaker, instead please enjoy a modern day equivalent in my blog.

Stay tuned!

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