Tuesday, 6 January 2015

ALTE : Acute Life Threatening Incident. Lesson 2

If you are a mother, a carer, or grandparent of young children, GET YOURSELF FIRST AID TRAINED!!

We had a couple of scary incidents with our little koala last week. Following an ambulance call, a couple of days in hospital, a tonne of tests, no sleep and a crash course in baby resuscitation,  I am now adament that a first aid certificate is a MUST.

There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more terrifying than watching your 3 month old baby stop breathing, go limp and drain of colour with a look of helpless terror in their eyes. The first time, my husband was giving our bub Gripe Water, something we did every night to help with her wind and reflux. I was putting some of her clothes away an heard her cough, this wasn't uncommon, but I came out to see if she was ok, and it was clearly apparent she was not. Seeing my baby lifeless and full of fear, all I could do was scream. My husband put her over his arm face down and tapped her firmly on the back while I got my wits together and called 000. Luckily she came around by the time the ambulance got here, by then I was barely consolable. Needless to say, we decided we would rather deal with her wind than see our baby choke again.

Three days later and I'm burping her after a feed as usual, suddenly she goes from thrashing about over my shoulder to not moving at all. I pull her down from my shoulder and she the same look of helplessness on my precious baby's face as her limp body drained of colour. I scream for my husband who comes running and again resuscitates our little girl.

Thank god for my husband!

This time, we rush her down to the local hospital, she is pushed through emergency and is seen immediately. 6 hours, multiple tests, and a long wait in the ER later, an ambulance finally arrives to take up to the High Care Pediatric unit as the specialist hospital. They called it an ALTE, an Acute Life Threatening Event, and its not uncommon! We're admitted and after a short stay, luckily my little girl is alright. The fear, however, of this happening again, of seeing my girl in pain, of not having someone with my all the time, is all but paralysing.

The lesson here? This post isn't intended to scare you but no one is immune to household accidents or freak occurrences. I'm just lucky my husband knew what to do! Knowing first aid could save your babies life. Do not put it off. Do not wait until your babies older (many providers have courses you can take your baby to). Please book in for a first aid course.

St Johns Ambulance Australia
Kidz Aid Australia

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