Friday, 2 January 2015

Rough nights sleep. Lesson 1

Whoever coined the term 'sleep like a baby' obviously never had a baby. Or did they mean they slept lightly and woke to the sound of a closing door, were constantly hungry, and had tummy pains for hours thanks to wind?

Elena had a rough night sleep last night. Thank god for the weekend and my husband being home or I'd be a complete zombie today. Between wind pain, heat, hunger, and not realising that night is sleep time, she barely slept at all. My little koala is now clinging to my husband (not me for once) on the couch catching up on some much needed sleep. They never said having a baby was easy, but I think its something you don't realise until it happens. How many of you out there found motherhood took you completely by surprise?

My little koala, its what I call my little girl as she clings to me all day refusing to sleep anywhere but on mummy. I'm learning this is one of the many lessons that come when you have a baby. They never behave how you expect them to! Yes babies need a lot of sleep, around 16 hours a day, but where they get this sleep is often the tricky part. They don't understand a bed or a cot is for sleeping. The soft tummy of mummy is clearly the only viable option. For the first month or so I barely left the house as getting my little koala to sleep in the pram was a battle. Luckily, as life goes on things get a little easier, or maybe I'm just getting used to the lounge-bound sleep deprivation.

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