Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Combating Post Pregnancy Hair fall - Short is the new long! #Yearoffirsts

So here I am, already ticking off another year of firsts! Yay! I feel like I'm accomplishing something already!

For those of you who have babies, you'll remember those first 6 months or so after giving birth where your hair just goes to hell! Mine started falling out in clumps, it would break every time I touched it and ended up living in a bun thanks to it's ability to knot the instant it was de-knotted and my bubs love of grabbing!

So I finally decided it was time to do something about it! Instead of just getting a trim and tidy up I thought I'd go extreme and get it all cut off!

This was also to be my first outing in over 5 months without my baby! I haven't left her even for a few minutes since she was born! Granted I was only going 10 minutes down the road for a haircut but I left my husband with strict instructions for while I was out. 'Pear puree is for breakfast, while I'm out you need peel core and steam the pear, wait for it to cool, puree. Bub might need her nap beforehand though, so get her down for a nap then breakfast when she wakes up. Two tablespoons of puree...' and the instructions went on.

Nervously I headed down the road to the salon.

'What are we doing today?' asked the hairdresser. 'Cut it all off!" I replied.

So off she went cutting off my waist long tresses. 'Are you scared?' she asks. Heck no! Its about time! I've been saying I need a change for so long but I was always too nervous. For so long I've had long, long hair... for the first time, it was going to be short!

40 minutes later I walked out of the salon a new woman! Not only did I get 40 minutes doing something for myself (shocking I know!) but my head felt lighter and my hair felt healthier.

My waist length hair was now skimming my shoulders.

... and before you ask, yes, hubby managed to keep my little koala alive while I was gone.

Successful first outing I'd say, and another item ticked off the list of #YearOfFirsts :)

Feeling accomplished.


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  1. Looks great Lu! Well done on your first trip away from bub (and well done hubby!).

    What did you do with all the hair that was cut off?

    1. I wish I could have put my old her to better use, but sadly it was in such bad condition it just ended up in the bin!

      It was only 40 mins or so away from bub, maybe I'll take an hour next time :)

  2. I also got all my hair cut off when first bub was about 6 months old. He's now nearly 21 and I haven't grown it past my shoulders since! ;-)

    1. I think it will stay this length for a while! Its just so much easier when you have little time! Short is the new long after all, at least in mummy world :)