Monday, 2 March 2015

Food Glorious Food! Starting baby on solids : YearOfFirsts

My baby is growing so fast and is now moving onto solid food!

I can't believe how the time is going. She went to the GP for her four month vaccination and my doctor suggested it was time to slowly introducing her to solids.

I have to say, the prospect of starting my baby on solid food made me both super excited yet apprehensive. After a couple of choking incidents, or Acute life Threatening Events as the doctors called it, I was petrified of anything going wrong. When I walked up the baby aisle in the supermarket though, a new wave of excitement hit me as I saw all the different baby foods and various bowls, plates, bottles, mesh feeders and so on. It was like this huge leap forward for my baby was imminent, and it was the first real thing I could actually teach her to do.

As part of my #YearOfFirsts I vowed to make my babies food myself. So far, I am proud to say, this is a vow I have kept! Some meals have been hits (nectarine puree) and some, well, not a hit...enter broccoli!

The first puree I made was pumpkin. My parents have a pumpkin vine growing rampant across their yard, so as we are knee deep in pumpkins, it seemed the logical choice.

Chopped, boiled and a minute with the hand blender. Done! It went down a treat! First mouthful, my little koala swirled it around in her mouth... swirling... swirling... SWALLOWED! I felt so proud. She took to it like a duck to water. Better still, she appreciated my efforts!

The next day I tried avocado, safe to say, avocado was not her favourite. She liked the idea of eating, but a couple of mouthfuls in and she was done.

Banana was a star, she couldn't get enough, while pea was mediocre and she was not a fan of my broccoli with pumpkin.

My latest nectarine puree was by far the stand out. She would have licked the bowl clean if I let her... and for once she ate herself into submission, spending the next hour lying around enjoying her nectarine-induced food comma.

Here's what I've made her so far:
  • pumpkin puree (hit)
  • mashed banana (couldn't get enough)
  • avocado and banana (only ate it because of the banana)
  • pea puree (this one was hard! peeling 1000 peas takes a long time!)
  • pear puree (moderately enjoyed)
  • pumpkin and broccoli puree (the worst by far!)
  • carrot puree (a definite hit)
  • Nectarine puree (loved it)
  • nectarine and peach puree (loved it more)
  • plum puree (somewhat enjoyable)

My mother calls her a 'gourmet baby'. She'll be a well fed little koala that's for sure!I have to say, I was surprise at how satisfying making my own baby food would be.

Seeing the awkward smile appear as she discovers a new flavour, the laughter inducing look she pulls when something isn't to her liking.

Like with breastfeeding, I know I'm providing nourishment to my baby. I know she is fed, I know she is happy.

Ticking off the first item on my #YearOfFirsts has been so rewarding. I can't wait for the next!


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  1. Great job on ticking off your 1st year of firsts item! I'm still working on doing the first on my list!

    1. I worked out we need to do one thing on the list a week to finish it lol I have some catching up to do!

  2. I wish I had done this with my son. I worked full time when he was a baby. we both survived. I applaud you!

    We Three Crabs

    1. thanks, its actually much faster and easier than I thought it would be. I'm sure when I'm back working I won't be making everything though!

  3. Yep! That's what I did as well! I always felt that I provided the best for my child because I knew what was going into his mouth. I knew exactly what was in that food and I also felt that during the process it was actually fun to make his food. And it's better not preservatives and all that jazz.

    1. Exactly! Its so satisfying to know you're providing for your baby and its actually so much easier than I thought it would be!

  4. I wish I'd done this with my own kids, but way back then it just wasn't done. :(

    1. When my mother had my sister in Germany, she was told to give her formula not breastfeed and to buy baby puree etc... I actually enjoy making stuff for my baby! I'm glad its encouraged now :)

  5. I never would have thought to use a hand blender! I'm going to dig ours out of the cupboard this weekend.

    1. Yep! Super easy with the hand held blender. Its all pureed in seconds. So much easier to clean too!