Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Super easy top-knot baby headband tutorial!

I was never one of those people that sewed. I tried once when I was a teenager but I got bored and broke a bunch of needles. So I gave up.

Since having a baby though, I have a renewed desire to learn to make everything for her myself! From knitting to crochet to sewing, I'm trying it all. So far I have actually successfully managed a few sewing projects for my baby that are so simple that a newby teaching herself to sew can do it (that's me!).

Top knot headbands for babies and girls are all the rage at the moment. I've made a range of them now for my little girl. Here is my very simple tutorial for top knot headbands! This pattern will fit a baby up to about 6 months. (For older babies and children just add a few extra centimetres to the end of the pattern. A simple way to do this would be to measure your child's head and add 10cm to either end to account for the knot.)

What you'll need.

- Your pattern
- Sewing scissors
- pins
- fabric with a slight stretch (I like to use two colours)
- Sewing machine
- iron

Step 1. Cut out the pattern pieces.

You'll need a sheet of A4 paper. Measurements should be 29cm in length, approx 6cm at the top end 4cm at the bottom end.

At the top measure the middle point and cut it into a triangle shape as per the picture. You'll need to cut out two of these and tape them together at the bottom.

This is your pattern!

Step 2. Pinning.

Pin your pattern to your first piece of fabric and cut it out.

Repeat this with your second piece.

Step 3. Pin your pieces for sewing

Now pin your two pieces of fabric together making sure any pattern in facing inwards so when you turn it out the pattern will be on the outside.

Leave a gap of 3-4cm around 5cm from the end so that you can turn your pattern out at the end through this gap.

(hand hint : For a newby, place all your pins in the same direction to avoid pricking yourself with a pin as you sew)

Step 4. Its time to sew!

Remove the pins as you reach them, keeping the pin end pointing away from you to avoid painful pricking.

Once you have finished sewing, Trim off excess fabric. You'll also want to cut the corners off around where the points are so that when you turn it out there is a smooth line when you turn it out.

Step 5. Turn it out.

Using that gap you pinned out at the start, pull the fabric through to turn it inside out. (Handy hint - Using that stubby end of a knitting needle can help).

Step 6. Pressing.

Pressing after sewing is really important to make your headband look good. Fold in the edges when the gap was and iron it so it looks seamless with the rest of the edges.

Once pressed, you can either leave the gap as is or sew it up, as it will be hidden by the knot of the headband either way. I closed it with a few stitches though so it wouldn't bubble up.

Step 7. Tie the knot.

Now you're ready to finish it off! Tie the knot in the top and its all done! I measured mine against my little girls head so I didn't tie it too loose or too tight!

Handy Hints! You can mix up the pattern designs. Try one with one straight piece and a slanted end. If you're feeling ambitious, try a rounded and an indent where the tie would go.

P.S. - If you aren't craftily inclined, then keep tuned, my next post will point you in the direction on some great small mum businesses who will make them for you!


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  1. Oh that looks fab and pretty easy to do! I've just got a new sewing machine and looking for easy projects.

    1. These are definitely easy :) you'll be impressed with yourself when you produce something so cute!

  2. Wow totally love it. I'll share it this week on Daycare Decisions FB page! Very cute!

    1. Thanks very much! I love these, I'm actually about to sit down and make some more of them! I'm obsessed! :)