Saturday, 18 April 2015

Women's business - Supporting your fellow mother

Since becoming a mother and stopped working, I've come to realise how hard it is to not work and be all about your baby. I love my baby like nothing else and love spending time with her, but somethings you need something more. Something that can connect you with the outside world and make you feel like an adult. For me, this is blogging. I love being able to talk to the world and discuss adult issues with other adults. For some mothers, they use their talents in sewing or baking or knitting to start some wonderful small businesses. I myself have toyed with the idea of selling bridal accessories, but haven't made the leap yet!

In the last 6 months I have come across some fantastic small businesses based on Etsy or Facebook. Here are some of my favorites!

I love these business, not only do you find some beautiful handmade designs but you support fellow mothers!

Jessica's Lactation Cookies
I love these! Not only are they delicious, they are useful. I know a tonne of women who had low milk supply when they started feeding their new babies. Lactation cookies are a godsend! To make it better, they arrive beautifully layered in these little jars, and all you need to do is mix and bake! Jess has done all the hard work but you look like a rockstar in the kitchen! She has some tasty flavours, I'm partial to white chocolate and cranberry, but double choc is sure to please :)

You can find her on Facebook

Little Blue Wren

A little boutique clothing store, she make gorgeous bibs and cloths in fantastic fabrics! There's some absolutely gorgeous fabrics you can choose from, she'll make them up for you in the fabric of your choosing. I love these little bears! So cute! Unique, well made and delivered to your door!

You can find her on Facebook or Etsy

Melon to Baby Boutique

Two words - Harem Pants! Oh my gosh I love these! Its my current baby obsession. I want harem pants in every colour and every size. Melon to baby has some beautiful pieces in beautiful fabrics. You can get some gorgeous harem pants with matching headbands and bibs. Trust me, if you get some of those harem pants, you'll want more!

You can find her on Facebook

Little Charlies

Some absolutely gorgeous clothes for bubs and even young kids. To be honest, her boys clothes make me wish my next is a boy so I could dress him in these! I know a lot of my mummy friends who say cute boys clothes are hard to find, well look no further. That's not to say the girls clothes are not adorable... on the contrary, I adore the little girl sets (loving the aqua combo in the pic above). She also stocks some great brands such Willow & Jag.

You can find her on Facebook

All my little things

I love her hair clips and headbands! I have a little girl who I just adore dressing and I just can not get enough of all girly accessories! Some beautiful bright designs. She also sells cute little bibs and dummy clips.

You can find her on Facebook



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  1. So many lovely things! Thanks for sharing, and for linking up to the Ultimate Rabbit Hole!

    1. thanks, they are great little businesses! I love supporting fellow mothers :)

  2. thanks, they are great little businesses! I love supporting fellow mothers :)

  3. There really are so many fabulous handcrafted businesses now aren't there? Bless the technology that allows us the opportunity to do it. Thanks for linking with #TeamIBOT.

    1. There are some great ones! I love being able to dress my bub is something unique that you can't buy in the shops :) and supporting other mums is great!