Thursday, 21 May 2015

15 Things I never knew before becoming a mother!

When you become a mother, there is so much you don't know!

Here's just a few things I never knew before I was a mum.

1. Banana can stain, and its like the worst stain ever!!! I can't get it out of anything, its this horrible purple brown stringy stain. Apparently glycerin will get it out (not yet tested)... something else I didn't know!

2. I can survive on less sleep than I thought humanly possible.

3. Most places are not designed to be baby or disability friendly, particularly shopping centres! I can't get into most shops with a pram, I really feel for those in wheelchairs :( (shop owners please take note!)

4. That babies need at least 20 pairs of socks because those tiny suckers vanish! They fall of, disappear in the washing machine, get chewed up.

5. Coffee is infinitely more valuable than gold.

6. A baby's smile can make just about everything better!

7. That it is actually physically impossible not to brag about my baby to everybody.

8. Breastfeeding is hard! and stressful! and painful! At first it did not feel natural and my little bub didn't just latch herself on like I expected. Like all things in motherhood, it takes time!

9. Even though I'm not pregnant anymore, I can still cry at the drop of a hat, especially if it has anything to do with kids - like an ad for toilet paper!

10. Road trips are no longer spontaneous fun flights of fancy but grueling hours of punishment meticulously planned around my baby's nap and feed schedule.

11. I thought I could contain all the baby things to the nursery, but inevitably every room of the house seems to have 1000 toys strewn around the place that never seem to remain in their designated basket. They seem to multiply in the baskets, like rabbits.

12. Baby shoes cost more than mine! Despite the fact they contain exactly 5 inches of fabric.

13. There are a fair number of kids songs using the same tune! Think 'The alphabet song' and 'twinkle twinkle', or 'Mary had a little lamb' and 'London Bridge is falling down'. You just sang those to check didn't you?

14. You will never be on time again. Ever.

15. All those things I said I wouldn't do when I became a mum - I end up doing all the time! Oops :)


What did you learn since becoming a mother?


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  1. Hi, I just found your blog via { I have a November baby too. }
    That is a great list, and oh so true!! Loved it.

    1. thanks! she actually ended up coming in October, babies are on their own schedule lol thanks for reading :)

  2. Replies
    1. Coffee is the life blood of mothers!

  3. I nodded along to all of these! What a great list.
    I can never leave the house without looking like I've packed for a week! :)
    Thanks for linking up at x

    1. haha yes my baby bag is packed! Then there's the change of clothes for both me and bub, just in case!

  4. Such a good list! So many ring true. I need to add one though: I never knew that i had so much love to give and that I would get so much love in return!

    1. oh yes! I never knew such love existed! Its so different from the love for your husband or partner, its truly unconditional!

  5. Great list! Really enjoyed this post. I never knew that my toddler would be (at times) harder to handle than my class of 5 year olds ;)

    1. thanks :) Yes I think you're right! My husband is a teacher and he says the same thing!

  6. Love this post, so funny! And true! Yeah, what's with banana? And so weird about the songs, I did in fact sing them to myself to test it out...

    1. thanks! I hate banana stains, I actually put off giving my bub banana because I dont want to deal with the stain! I had no idea! I thinks there's lots of songs that use the same tune, I guess they are easy melodies for kids to remember :)

  7. Great list Lu. The banana got me too, how can something that's pretty much colourless make such an awful mess??