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Road testing The best Phone apps for Mummies!

From the moment I was pregnant, I started accumulating pregnancy and parenting related apps for my phone. From forums to contraction timers to the Wonder Weeks to First Aid.

There are so many apps out there, I thought I'd road-test some pregnancy and apps for mums, bubs and dads. Here are what I thought of some popular ones!

For mummy
Cost: Some FREE
This ones for baby, there are a whole bunch of different ones 'Storybook Rhymes', 'Where is Puppy's Nose?', 'Animal Sounds' and so on. So I'm not much of a fan of giving my phone to kids to make them quiet, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. These are great and lots of fun for bubs and won me over. I grabbed 'Storybook Rhymes Volume 1' and the Fisher Price 'Baby shapes and colours' app, and loved them! I suspect the others are good too. The 'Baby shapes and colours' app is great for keeping bubs entertained, my girl is constantly grabbing my phone, with the app whenever she touches the screen little musical shapes appear and play songs. I think these apps are better apps for used on a tablet rather than a phone to take full advantage of the pictures.
Cost: FREE
What new mum doesn't want to show off all the gorgeous photos of her beautiful bub? I love instagram, its my current obsession! (yes, that link above heads to the Looking for mama me instagram page). The great thing about it is that its designed just for photos, so instead of filling up your friend's and family's Facebook feeds with baby pictures, put them on instagram instead where the people who want to see them, can. You have the option of making your account 'by request' only so you don't have to worry about your pictures being seen by unwanted viewers.
Cost: FREE (Sleep Bug Pro $1.99)
This one was recommended to me and I have to say I like it. My little koala never really responded to white noise but there's other noises that do soothe her. They don't put her to sleep unfortunately but I tried it when she woke up cranky and it did calm her. Not just for baby, but for mum too... I like the beach and forest sounds. The free version is a bit limited, but there's lots more variety in the paid version.
  • Track My Spend
Cost: FREE
Every new parent needs this! There's various similar apps out there like this, this one is run by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. You can track your spending and work out where your money goes and where you can cut the fat. I'm a compulsive budgeter so I like to see where my money goes.
Cost: $4.49
It's not cheap, but worth it! Have you done a first aid course? (I highly recommend you do!) The usually give you a great little first aid book, well this is the book on your phone. It contains information on all sorts of conditions and accidents which could save a life, but its also useful for all those kid related injuries like cuts, concussion and broken bones. Its also really fast, probably because it lacks all the usual ads (which probably explains the cost too).
Cost: $2.49
So this one isn't so much a favorite as a least favorite. I dont really enjoy my phone flashing at me telling me my little angel is about to become a monster for the next 4-6 weeks. I found I'd look out for the signs that my baby was in a 'leap' and blaming her crankiness on that rather than just going about my mummy business. I know some people follow the Wonder Weeks religiously, but I'm not converted on this one. I do however like the tab that tells me all the wonderful things my bub is about to start doing.
Cost: $2.99 for the full-features
This is gorgeous, full of baby musical favorites and videos, nursery rhymes, games and more. It has music and videos and keeps a little monkey baby like mine quiet for a few minutes. I used it the other day to distract my little koala when she was a bit cranky, she's a musical baby and seemed hyponotised. This one will grow with them, it has some good toddler features.
Cost: FREE
So not really for baby, although I use it to browse the baby stores. I love homemade baby clothes and bibs and beanies.. the list goes on! Some of my favorite Mummy Businesses have an outlet on Etsy. Warning - May cause you to overspend! Suggest tracking your spending on the budget app...
  • Sound touch Lite
Cost: FREE
This ones for older bubs, but I'm just starting to use it with my koala, although she doesn't understand much yet, I can see how great this will be when she's a toddler and she can tap the screen herself. It has hundreds of flashcards with pictures and sounds, such as animals.  Be warned, it does use a bit of memory though so if you have an older operating system on your phone, it might be slow or freeze a bit. There is a paid version for more options and again, it might be better on a tablet device.

For Pregnancy 
  • Storkdrop - Baby names
Cost: FREE
Its fun, its free. For those struggling with what to name their little one, a stork drops baby names into your favorites list at random and you can also scroll various lists for inspiration. You never know, you might find the perfect name you never thought of. Just for a little bit of fun...
  • Ctx Timer Lite
Cost: FREE
A contraction timer - Totally useful if you actually go into labour. I downloaded this and used it when I had a couple of bouts of early labour and contractions, which fizzled out. In the end I was induced and my contractions were on top of each other so I didn't need the app. I do however see the value in it. It times the length of your contractions and how far apart they are so you can track when its time to hop it the car and head off to hospital. There are a billion of these types of apps out there and they are all basically the same.

Just for Dads
Photo Credit : Matthew G #Whatdoido via Flickr

Cost: $1.99
Every dad needs to be handy around the house right? This will help (for the little jobs at least!) It has a surface level, plumb bob and more. Not specifically for dads though of course, mums can hold their own in the handy(wo)man department too!
  • Who's your Daddy?
Cost: $2.79
This is really cute! My husband used it when I was pregnant and loved it! It's Australian-made and helps Dad's feel like they are part of the pregnancy journey. Its simple and straightforward, giving dads little hints and tips on all those pregnancy things their partners are going through, like morning sickness and cravings. Plus it has a great little countdown timer and provides updates on your little babies growth (comparing it to beer, of course).


Are there any great apps out there you have found? I'd love to hear about them!

Happy app-ing!


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  1. I have been looking for a post like this for ages so thanks for sharing. Off to download some of them now #brilliantblogposts xx

    1. thanks :) Im glad you found it useful!

  2. Hi Lu. Great round up. My children are only 10 and 8 but I wish there were a few apps (or even smart phones for that matter) around when they were babies. I was kind of out on my own with a lot of stuff. Thanks so much for linking up to Thriving on Thursdays. I'm featuring this post at tomorrow's party. Hope to see you again.

    Anne xx

    1. Its amazing how much has changed in such a short time frame! thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Great list! We love the Fisher Price apps and used Ctx Timer in both labours! My most used apps are the usual FB, twitter email etc but I love the Ocado app for on-the-go food shopping. The Beautiful Mess photo app is good too.

    1. I havent seen Ocado or the Beautiful Mess photo app, I'll have to check them out! thanks