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40 money saving tips for new parents!

A couple of months ago I wrote about some big ways parents can save money. I had such a good response about how useful these tips were, so I thought I'd follow it up with a whole bunch of little things that can save money for parents-to-be, new parents and even old hands at the parenting game.

1. Check out the Salvos, Smith Family and other such second hand stores, you can find some great things there, I found a Bumbo in one for $15. It was in fantastic condition and much cheaper than new.

2. More on the second-hand love, join the Buy-swap-sell pages for your local area on Facebook. Packed full of bargains, particularly clothing that is often only been worn by a baby for a few weeks or months before they outgrow it.

3. Consider switching nappy brands. I know a few mums that only buy one sort of nappy, but there are some great brands of nappy around that wont cost the world - think ALDI, half the price of Huggies and they are perfect for everyday use... I have serious ALDI love <3 Test some out, I'm sure you'll find a cheaper version you love.

4. Still on the nappy time, buy they during sale time, the major supermarkets and ALDI have sales on a few times a year. Its worth stocking up as it can save a pretty penny!

5. Sample, samples, samples! If you write to companies requesting samples, most will send them out to you... I'm talking Curash, Huggies, Baby Love, Gaia, and so many more!

6. Have you heard of Bounty Bags? Check out there website for stockists, they are free sample bags - full of magazines, product samples and discount vouchers. They are well worth getting! Plus the sample sizes of wipes and nappy rash creams are perfect for the baby bag.

7. Join the library! I'm constantly borrowing new books for the koala and when she gets bored of them, I just swap for another. They also have a host of DVDs and CDs for kids... bonus - its free!

8. Speaking of the library, they have all sorts of FREE activities for babies, kids and parents of all ages. I have been taking the koala to Babies and Books at my local and I'm booked in for a free CPR for Parents class soon.

9. Shop the sales - Big W and Target both have awesome toys sales (you may have heard of them), buy Christmas and Birthday presents when sales are on. I've slowly been putting away little bits and pieces all year when I see a good sale.

10. Pay bills as soon as they come in. It'll save you on late fees or interest, plus you can often get a discount for paying early.

11. I've said this before, I'll say it again - ask your utility companies for a discount! Most of the time they will offer you something, and you can always threaten to go to another company. If you don't ask, you wont get.

12. Do you really need to buy that second coffee at work? Can you make it yourself? You just saved yourself $20 a week!

13. Make lists - what do you need and what do you want? Buy what you need first and then reassess your wants list.

14. Check with Centrelink what you're entitled to, you may be eligible to receive the Family Tax Benefit and Child Care Rebate/Benefit.

15. Talk to your bank about eliminating those month account fees. Some banks will have accounts that don't have fees, others will have accounts where the fees are wiped if you deposit your monthly pay check. Be prepared to switch banks if they don't get on board.

16. Plan your meals, you'll be surprised how much your grocery bills decrease when you have a shopping list and stick to it.

17. Make your own baby puree. Its much cheaper than buying the packaged stuff, and you know exactly what your baby is eating.

18. Do some research. What are some free kid-friendly activities you can do in your local area? All towns and cities have them, you just need to look! Often some of the more fun is had doing something that costs you next to nothing.

19. Choose plenty of unisex styles and colours for your baby's room and clothing, it'll save you a bit of money if you have a second or third child of a different gender.

20. Don't buy too many baby clothes in advanced, you don't know how quickly or slowly your child will grow and you don't want to end up with a whole bunch of size 00 summer clothes when your bub is a size 0 by summer.

21. Don't go overboard on shoes. You probably won't use them often at all and babies outgrow them sooooo quickly!

22. Before bub is born, don't go too overboard buying sterilisers, bottles, etc. If you are able to breastfeed you probably won't end up using them. If you find you need a pump or steriliser quickly, a lot of chemists (and often the hospital) hire them out.

23. Embrace hand-me downs. We got a lot of hand-me downs before bub was born, some had never been worn and are now regulars in bubs wardrobe.

24. Hire things like bassinets and capsules. For a fraction of the cost you can hire a capsule, some places change less than $30 a month and you may only use it for a few months, so you'll save a fair whack of cash!

25. Cut out the credit cards. Opt for a debit card or just one credit card that has low rates and a good reward system. Its easier to manage credit card debt when its all in one place, and easier still if you don't even have any at all!

26. Before bub is born, try putting just $10 a week (more if you can) in a savings account just in case of emergencies. If you start this when you first find out you're pregnant, you might have $350 or so by the time bub arrives.
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27. Get your tax return done on time. Doing it after the 31 October deadline can cost you in late fees.

28. Don't go overboard on things like baby blankets, a lot of babies prefer swaddles or sleeping bags. You may end up like me and have a tonne of gorgeous blankets and a baby who won't use them.

29. Look at your health insurance. Does it have extras like prescription medicines covered? You'll be surprised how much you actually end up using it.

30. Buy things that last. I bought a dreadful baby carrier that I couldn't stand wearing by the time the koala was 6 months and ended up getting another one. I should have bought a good quality one to begin with.

31. Cook and freeze some meals before baby arrives. There'll be plenty of times you don't have time to cook. Those frozen meals while save you on take away (and your waist line).

32. Lots of things are free for babies under one, think indoor play centres, the zoo, movies etc.

33. Do you have a savings account for bub? Look into high interest savings accounts and term deposits and compound the interest.

34. Sell those baby items you're finished with. Bub didn't like the bouncer and you're not having more kids? Ebay it!

35. Sign up to online surveys like My Opinions and Nine Rewards. While you're stuck on the lounge with a baby sleeping on you, do a survey and make a few dollars. It all adds up.

36. Look at your phone and internet plans? Use online compare tools like Whistle Out to find the best deals. The big companies are often not the cheapest or the best.

37. Before you impulse buy, ask yourself if you really need it. If you're in a shopping centre, instead of buying something straight away, go for a walk and you may decide its not necessary.

38. Avoid walking down the junk food aisle in the supermarket. Its so easy to impulsively grab that chocolate bar as you walk past it. But if you avoid the aisle, you remove the temptation.

40. Stock up at the supermarket. No, I'm not talking doing huge shops, but when you come across something you regularly buy on special, buy a few.


There are many ways you can save money, some are so easy and can save you a lot. You'll be surprised where you can save once your start looking.

Happy savings!


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  1. Some really useful tips here - we have three kids now but not even thought about some of these! #brilliantblogposts

    1. thanks! I'm sure it gets harder to save with every baby too!

  2. Replies
    1. Yep! Im the queen of it if you ask my hubby :)

  3. Great tips here! I wish I bought more second hand stuff the first time around. You really don't need all those new shiny things! Xx

    1. Don't worry, I made the mistakes too! My bub has a ridiculous number of toys she barely uses.

  4. Great tips! Little bubs are little for such s short amount of time. Spending massive dollars on nurseries an prams just isn't necessary. Buy neutral, including nursery so it grows with Bub into toddler years. We used a chest of drawers and mat for a change table, made all food from scratch and didn't buy into things like monitors etc,

    1. Definitely! We bought a change table that was actually as bookshelf with a change table attachment, she'll be able to use it for years to come :)

  5. Great ideas Lu. I do some of these already, but some are new to me. Will have to try them down the track :)

    1. Glad you found some new tips! I'm always search for new ways to save money, I'm sure I'll have more tips in the future too :)

  6. Great ideas Lu. I do some of these already, but some are new to me. Will have to try them down the track :)

  7. I'm very proud to say Ive already submitted my tax return this year!! Sadly I've already spent my refund... oh well, will try and scrape a few pennies back with your other tips :)

    1. Haha well at least you submitted it on time! I hope you bought something fabulous with the return!

  8. I found using cloth nappies saved us a bomb. Really easy to do- I only did a load every second day and washing them is super easy- minimal detergent and no harsh soakers like the old style terry flates needed.

    1. Oh really? I always felt like cloth nappies would be so much work, but I also have a very clingy baby who makes it hard for me to get things done. I'll think about it for the next one!

  9. Great ideas. Baby and toddler markets are also great places for super cheap pre-loved clothes and toys - many of which have barely been worn/used.

  10. Re 15: I was horrified by the fees on one of my accounts one month last year so talked to the bank about it. I learned I was using the account in the wrong way, which is why I had $60 in fees that month. No 18 - you can probably find a book in your library about free activities in your area for little people, I was given a copy when my kids were little. No 34 - great idea!

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT not #IBOODALOT ;-)

  11. Some great tips there. We already do quite a few :)

  12. One of my best pieces of advice is to not to 'keep up with the Joneses'. I know so many new mothers who feel pressured to get the latest gear because some of the others have got it. Be yourself and not them!