Monday, 21 September 2015

Toddler Food Inspiration : Creamy Vegetable Bake

My baby is fast becoming a toddler, so she is fast deciding that all the food she used to eat is no longer tasty... yaaaayyyy.... (I say with sarcasm). She has also decided that no one is allowed to put food into her mouth but her. This means no more puree, no more mash, no more casseroles... and steamed vegetables, forget about it! Food must have flavour and appear to be nothing like the original vegetable, so no more sticks of carrot or pumpkin pieces.

Does this sound like your toddler? It becomes really hard to find foods they will eat, doesn't it!

She's happy eating fish fingers or meatball, but its hard to find vegetable dishes she'll eat. The other day I made this delicious vegetable bake though, and it went down a treat! If she didn't eat it, I would have anyway, it was seriously yummy!

The great thing about this recipe is that by adding an egg the bake with stick together so that your little toddler cake grab the pieces and feed themselves without too much trouble. They'll love it too :)


1 large wedge of pumpkin (about 2 cups worth)
1 medium zucchini
1 medium sweet potato
1 and a 1/2 cup of milk
1 cup of grated cheese
1 tablespoon of plain flour
1 tablespoon butter or margarine
1 egg
Medium sized baking dish, approx. 20cm x 20cm (8inches x 8inches)

How to do it

1.Preheat your oven to moderately hot (180degrees Celsius or 320degrees Fahrenheit)

2. Slice the sweet potato and pumpkin into flat pieces about half a centimetre (1/4 inch) thick and grate/shred the zucchini.

3. Now you need to make a little white sauce. Using a small saucepan, melt your butter and then add the flour. Stir to make a paste and then slowly stir in the milk, keep stirring until the sauce thickens. Then add about half your grated cheese and stir into the hot sauce until melted.

4. Layer half the sweet potato and pumpkin, then sprinkle half the zucchini on the top. Whisk an egg into the white sauce and pour half of it over the vegetables. Then layer the rest of the vegetables and pour the remaining white sauce over the top. Sprinkle on the grated cheese.

5. Cover with foil or a lid and bake in the preheated oven for 1 hour.

6. Remove the lid or foil and bake for a further 10 minutes.

7. Slice and enjoy!

Handy hints! If you don't have an hour to cook your food, like most mothers, I really recommend you par cook your pumpkin and sweet potato first, either put them in the microwave for 5 minutes with a bit of water, or steam them for 10 minutes. If you do this, you'll be able to bake in the oven for only 15-20minutes. Good time saver! Also, if you want the bake to be a bit firmer, just add another egg whisked into the white sauce.



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  1. Yum! I want to eat that, it sounds delicious! I have a vege lasagne my boys like which is similar except it also has layers of flat lasagne and a tomato sauce thrown through :)

  2. Can I come to your house for dinner? This sounds very yum. I have done plenty of veggie pasta bakes, but not just a veggie bake. Will have to try this one out :)

  3. I think some of my kids would love this, and others wouldn't. But it's worth a try! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This sounds like something both my boys would love. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  5. I might have to give this a try Lu. My eldest son is super fussy, but I might be able to convince him to have a taste!

  6. Yum! I like the time saving tip too, there is no way I have extra time up my sleeve when it comes to dinner time!

  7. Yummo - thats awesome, Im always looking for new things to try with my 9 mth old. Thank you!

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  8. This looks and sounds really good. Me and my 20 month old would love it but sadly my three year old (and my husband)! will absolutely not touch vegetables. I even tried blending them up in a sauce but they knew. I may do this for lunch for me and the little one one day though while my three yr old is at pre-school and my hubby is at work. That way we won't miss out ;-)

    Visiting for #brilliantblogposts

  9. Yummo!!! Love that you can smuggle so many veggies in there too!

  10. Definitely trying that. We have also reached the point of not wanting mummy to to feed him ANYTHING which makes life extremely difficult with dietary staples like yoghurt, porridge, mash, weetbix, soup, fried rice... the list goes on. I am seriously over it so anything I can dump on the tray of the high chair and leave him to it suits me JUST FINE. :)

  11. Great recipe, thank you for sharing X

  12. It has all the things my kids like, so combining them together should work. (fingers crossed) I will be trying it this week.