Thursday, 8 October 2015

Reviewed - Attipas Baby and Toddler Shoes

Disclaimer : I was gifted one pair of Attipas shoes for the purpose of this review, however this is not a paid review and all opinions are my own.
My koala has just started walking and we're trying out Attipas Baby and Toddler Shoes. Kind of like a cross between shoes and socks but oh so cute.

I both love and hate having a girl when it comes to clothes. I love it because girl's clothes and shoes are just so gosh darn adorable! But I hate how light it makes my wallet. I hate it more when I come across something like these Attipas shoes and I just want to go out and buy more!

Shoes for babies and toddlers are hard. You want them to be supportive but not restrictive. Often I find shoes for bubs are either too flimsy and fall off with every movement, or they are too hard and ridged and don't move well with babies and toddlers as the move around. But Attipas Baby and Toddler Shoes are really practical and functional little shoes.

The Koala has been putting these to the test for the last week. First, she inspected the box, seemly approving of the design (and stopping mummy from taking a photo).Then she put them through the paces on her feet - crawling, walking, tumbling... and again, not letting mummy take photos because she was too busy moving!

Functionally, they are so practical. The shoe part of them with the reinforced toe is so supportive for early walkers and protects their little feet. While the sock part not only keeps them on their feet unlike some shoes we've tried, but it also helps stop the shoes flapping about or getting caught on things. They also have these great little grippy bottoms to help stop new little walkers falling over.
In the box they look heavy, but when you take them out, you realise they are actually lightweight and flexible.

I'm not sure how they would hold up in an outdoor playground with the sock-style uppers, my Koala isn't quite up to playing in an outdoor playground stage. But they are perfect for indoors and around the shops. Once on, she didn't even seem to notice much that they were there.

Initially I thought they might look a little weird and bulbous on the Koala's feet with those reinforce toes, but surprisingly they don't. The shoes seems to fit really well to my little girls feet, and I'm totally loving the design. Attipas Shoes have a bunch of gorgeous designs, and there seems to be different designs hitting the online store on a regular basis. I have some cute little leopard print shoes for my girl, but I love the little ballet slippers and the red shoes with one dots... so adorable!

So finally, my little confession... I've been scouting the Attipas website and have already picked out AT LEAST 3 designs I want for the koala. I may have in fact be about to purchased one. Don't tell my husband!

You can find Attipas on their website or Facebook page.


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  1. Oh I love having girls and all the wonderful things you can buy them.But how good are these!! I love them! These would be absolutely perfect for Baby Raj right now and I can't wait to try them. What a great review on a seriously cool product!

    1. they are gorgeous aren't they! And they are really easy for bubs to wear, I love that they don't fall off. There are some very cute girls designs, although if I ever have a boy I think I'll be able to find some I love as much!

  2. We've review Attipas shoes before too {well my friend did for me because bub's feet are too fat already}, they're great. I wish I'd discovered them when bub was younger because they have so many cute baby girl options.

    1. aww pity your girl can't fit them anymore. You'll have to get some if you have another one :)

  3. Ooh these make me want to have another baby just so I can dress them in these shoes!

  4. They are a bit cute! They also eliminate the issue of losing socks. lol.

    1. the sock and shoe in one is a bonus! They don't fall off the way socks or shoes do :)