Saturday, 21 November 2015

8 reasons Bunnings is better than any playground!

I have always loved Bunnings, its like a giant playground for adults, kind of like Kmart.... but apparently kids love it just as much, if not more. I mean, do you really need to spend $17 taking your toddler to Megamania or would Bunnings be just as fun if not better? Cue the convergence of mothers groups on Bunnings.
1. The Dulux Paint Dog! Ok, so we went to Bunnings a few weeks ago and walked into the paint section and there was this massive gorgeous Old English Sheepdog. The koala squealed and pointed 'dog, dog, dog'... apparently we had to go over and meet the beautiful Dulux Dog named Merlin. He was friendly and soft and the Koala was thrilled. Best trip to Bunnings EVER! Now apparently everyone can bring their dogs in, that'll make my child happy.

2. Its one big sensory delight! So many different surfaces to explore and materials to crinkle. Think fuzzy carpets, smooth tiles, all sorts of rough wood or sandpaper.
3. Those kids mini-trolleys... they are like awesome little walkers toys but these are also great for crashing into everything, and everyone, they can find. Those things are designed just for kids and they certainly hit the mark there. Walkers with very fast moving wheels can be pushed along at blinding speed, all the better to escape mum and dad who run after them madly as the little monsters escape down aisle 27 or was it aisle 18? Who made so many god damn aisles!

4. PAINT SAMPLES! Or is that just me? Nope... apparently those little paint sample cards are just perfect for throwing up in the air, tearing into little pieces or rolling around in on the floor... somehow little toddlers have lots of fun with these simple things.
5. Speaking of aisles, the wide aisles are apparently great for running. What toddler doesn't love running up and down those big aisles, hiding around corners... fun for toddler doesn't necessarily mean fun for mum and dad!

6. Toilets, kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities. In other words, so many spaces to climb into and hide from dad who proceeds to run around the store squealing 'I lost the baby, my wife's going to kill me!' Hide and Seek, eat your heart out.

7. The BBQ. This may be my husbands influence. Every time we even go within a few kilometres of Bunnings he decides he must go to the BBQ and grab as many sausage sandwiches as he can. Well, apparently toddlers love them too, the combination of sausages, bread and mess is just too tempting.

8. Every child can leave with free balloons. Who doesn't love a good balloon? I don't know a toddler anywhere who doesn't enjoy chasing a balloon around. Mine even like the balloons on sticks so she can bash everything she walks past with said balloon.

.... and just incase all that wasn't fun enough and you have some energy left after chasing a toddler high on sausages and tomato sauce around the entire store, I hear they have an actually kids playground there. I haven't seen it yet, I was too exhausted by the playground that it the store!

Have fun!


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  1. Ha ha. I hate those balloons on sticks! My 3&5 yo boys use them as swords. I've had to ban them before someone loses an eye!

  2. Is that dog real?! It looks enormous! I love Bunnings too - they are super friendly whenever we go in and the kid loves it!

  3. Time for a trip to Bunnings I think :)

  4. My boys have always loved a trip to Bunnings - and their playgroups for older kids are awesome.

  5. That dog was in my local Bunnings once and I was sure it was stuffed. I wonder if it was the same one! Our local Bunnings even has face painting at the weekends which takes the child friendly factor to a whole new level!

  6. My local Bunnings is MASSIVE! I am kind of proud of it. We enjoy the ritual and love the fact the sausage sizzle is on weekdays too now.