Sunday, 13 December 2015

Make it yourself : Simple Christmas Wreaths!

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know I like to get a little bit crafty. I'm not one of those amazing blogger that produce beautiful homemade works of art but I do try to make things that are achievable for the average home maker whether they are super skilled crafters, semi-skilled (like me) or completely lacking the crafting gene.

This week we decorated our Christmas tree and our house, except we realised we still had no wreath for our front door. I couldn't find anything I liked that didn't cost a small fortune, so I made one.

I headed to our local dollar shop and supermarket and bought some un-decorated cheap cane wreaths and lots of ribbon. I also collected up a bunch of Australian native plants from the garden for decorations.

From this, I created two wreaths that really were so simple to make but they look pretty good!

The Australian Wreath

For this one, I thought I'd dress up this basic star-shaped cane wreath with some pretty Australian Natives.
What you need:
- Cane wreath (I used a star shaped one)
- A range of Australian Native leaves and seed pods
- Twine
- Ribbon

Arrange the twigs, leaves and seed pods in a nice bundle and secure together using the twine. Fasten the bundle to the wreath with the twine and then decorate with the ribbons to hide the twine.
The Ribbon Wreath

What you need:
- Cane wreath
- A range of ribbon
- Craft glue
- Fabric
This one is really easy, all you need is some strips of canvas or burlap fabric and some ribbons.

I used a round cane wreath and white canvas. I cut the canvas into long strips and wrapped it around the cane wreath until the wreath was covered. I repeated it a few times until I was happy with the thickness of the fabric over the wreath.

Using craft glue I then glued down the end of the fabric and left it for a few hours to dry.

I then tied on the ribbons using several layers of ribbon. To get a nice layered affect tie the ribbons in different ways such a some hanging loose, bows or rosettes. Fasten the ribbons together onto the wreath and you have a lovely homemade wreath!

To make rosettes for the loopy ribbon look, loop the ribbon around your fingers as many times as you can and then tie another ribbon or elastic band around the middle and splay the loops out.

Have fun crafting and Merry Christmas!


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  1. I'm like you - would love to have a Christmas wreath for the front door at least but then I see the prices and think "naaaaahhh" - might just have to get crafty like you!

  2. This is beautiful. I wish I was crafty but sadly all I can do is buy things like this from talented people like you

  3. Oh I love that last one - it seems so easy to make too! :)

  4. Love the first wreath with the native flowers! Older kids would also enjoy picking the flowers to use :)

  5. These are so cool Lu. I'm one of those born without a creative bone in my entire body so I appreciate the more achievable projects like these. Now the question is - which one did you go with on your front door?

  6. They look great - I love the star one with the real flowers. What a wonderful idea!

  7. These look great Lu! The Australian native wreath is my favourite - and you've reminded me that I haven't put ours up yet that Miss M made from our clever patch kit :)

  8. Oh aren't you clever! I love them both, but the ribbon one is my favourite!