Monday, 29 February 2016

5 ways we should be more like toddlers

I've been thinking lately about how we all spend so much time trying to teach our kids how to be adults, maybe what we should be doing to trying to teach ourselves to be more like them! Think about it, toddlers are happier than they'll be the rest of their lives. They are joyous, they are loving, they have no fear.

Wouldn't we all be a little bit happier if we took a page from their book? I know I would.

1. No Judgement!

This is a biggy. We all know how horrible mummy-judging is getting, even lunch boxes aren't safe. We should all take a lead from our kids and stop judging each other!

Toddlers don't judge, they don't care whether we are feeding them meat and 3 veg or if we are cooking them a gourmet feast of organic superfoods. They just care that they are getting fed. They don't care if we are super mom or a hot mess, they just care that we love them. We need to get off each others backs and let mothers choose what is best for their child because their kids don't care so neither should we.

2. No embarrassment.

Toddlers have no shame right? Have you ever been out with your toddler and they run up to a stranger and say hello? Mine does it all the time. Does yours fall over on their bottom, have a giggle and get up and do it again? Mine does and she doesn't care. She does what she wants and doesn't care what people think. I'm sure when she starts talking she'll say what she wants too.

I wish I cared less about what people think and did more of what I wanted to do, don't you?

3. Play is key.

Play is the key to learning. Children use play to learn new things, to develop skills and have fun. As adults and mothers we spend so much time looking after everyone else. We go to work. We cook dinner, lunch and breakfast. We clean the house. We're constantly on the go and count going to the toilet as 'me time'. We should put more focus on the things we have fun doing. It helps us develop and grow as a person. Don't you feel like a better person and a better mother when you're happy? Maybe we should all start playing a little more and stressing a little less. And you know that old saying right? All work and no play....

4. They radiate positivity.

Maybe not during one of their epic tantrums but most of the time they are happy. Toddlers don't have the weight of a world of decisions and responsibilities on their shoulders. Their minds aren't constantly ticking over and thinking about all the bad in the world.

We get bogged down in the world's negativity, all the war and death, the car crashes and court cases. Maybe we all need to look at the little things more and appreciate their beauty. Have you ever noticed the joy that comes over a toddler's face when they see a puppy? When they splash in the water? Taking joy in those little things and letting the light shine from there is what we should all try doing a little more of, and complaining about life's problems a little less.

5. They aren't afraid to try new things.

Have you ever watched your child and thought 'you have no fear?' I do. Have you noticed how they'll run up to a strange dog just because they love dogs? Mine does. Sometimes a toddler's lack of fear goes too far when they don't recognise the dangers around them, but I think adults often go too far the other way and are too afraid to do anything out of fear of the consequence. Let's all take a leaf out of our children's book and do something that scares us. It could be something small like going to a movie alone or attending a party where you don't know anyone but letting go of that fear is the goal.

Be fearless and have fun!


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  1. Absolutely Lu, I watch my toddler charge through life not giving any f*#ks about anything - I wish I could be more like him!!

  2. Great ideas. I would love to have no embarrassment, and to not care what people think. That would make my life a lot easier.

  3. That's a lovely post Lu, with some really gorgeous insights xx

  4. So very true! Fearless, wild and free! I wish I could be like my 2 year old.

  5. Oh this sounds delightful! Ah, to be a toddler again :-) #TeamIBOT

  6. Don't you wish you could remember and appreciate this time in your life!

  7. Yes! I want to play more! This is a great reminder for all us mama's.

  8. Love this! And finding fascination with everything - my toddler stops and stares at snails on the footpath. I want to take more time to notice these small things too.