Monday, 4 April 2016

Protecting your home from dustmites and allergens

* This post is brought to you by Bosistos. Looking for Mama Me was gifted products for the purpose of review.

Living in my parents house while we build our own comes with a lot of challenges. Luckily it is a large house but four adults and one non-stop mess making toddler makes for hard work keeping it dust-free particularly given we have two households worth of clutter. This makes my hate of dirt and clutter magnify!

I really hate the build up of dust and dirty fabrics. I think it stems from childhood asthma and hayfever. Given my own sensitivities I have been pretty vigilant with keeping my daughter's toys, clothes and bedding clean but I never realised that just washing bedding and soft toys in the washing machine generally doesn't kills dust mites.

I always thought I was doing the right thing and protecting my little girl against little nasties like dust mites by regularly washing her favourite Bunny and other soft toys, regularly changing her sheets and frequently washing her bedding, but I've recently found out that washing alone might not kill dust mites that can make allergies and asthma worse! Now I've started using the Bosisto's Dust Mite Wash once a month and the Bosisto’s EucoFresh Allergen Laundry Liquid for regular washing.  The Bosisto's Eucalyptus Dust Mite Spray is also great for the things that aren't so easy to pop into the washing machine like mattresses, pillows and curtains.

Dust mites like to hide in all sorts of things, so it great to give the following a regular dust mite treatment:
  • Soft teddies
  • clothes
  • Sheet
  • Blankets and Quilts
  • Mattress
  • Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Carpet
  • furniture
To make sure you get rid of the nasty dust mites and allergens spray mattresses and curtains regularly. Then treat all your washable items with the once a month treatment and follow up with the frequent use laundry liquid. The Bosisto's treatments are so effective there's no need to follow up with any other treatment!

The Bosisto's range is based on natural eucalyptus oil rather than strong chemicals so I feel comfortable using them for my family and the milder Bosisto’s EucoFresh Allergen Laundry Liquid reduces the dust mite allergens, great for sensitive skin allowing you to use in everyday washing. I also love the eucalyptus scent, I'm a bit addicted to it actually, I love the eucalyptus smell!

Dust mites are simple to control so don't let them take over your life. You can find these products in the laundry aisle of Woolworths, Coles and online at For more information on new products visit Bosisto’s on Facebook.


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  1. I hope that living as 'two families' under one roof isn't too stressful and that you will be in your own place soon! Cheers, Denyse #teamIBOT

  2. Oooh I do like Bosistos, but I've never seen the dust mite spray. I'll have to check that out. Thanks!

  3. I love the Bosistos eucalyptus spray, especially in cold and flu season, but haven't tried their dust mite range. Will give it a go as the kids' soft toys need a good wash soon and my boys tend to suffer with eczema.

  4. I didn't realise this product even existed. Will check it out. Thanks for linking up to the rabbit hole xx

  5. It's so frustrating having to live with others and not in your own space.
    I should look for this spray. I was only thinking about dust mites today.