Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The lies we tell

I am a good mother. I also lie.

I like to think I'm a pretty honest person. I don't usually lie, but I find myself telling a lot of 'little' white lies to my little girl, mostly for her own good or my own sanity. I'm not advocating lying to our kids, but the truth is everyone lies! As long as they aren't big or hurtful lies, these little white lies seem to weasel their way into our lives. It's just a part of parenting right?

These are some of the lies I told this week...

1. "Eat your breakfast or Bunny Bunny will." (Bunny Bunny is a stuffed toy rabbit.)

2. "We're leaving now." As I tried to get my toddler out of the little soft play area knowing full well we're here for another 10 minutes.

3. "Bye, I'm leaving without you." Heck no was I leaving my crazy toddler alone in a playground.

4. "You wont get your milk if you don't finish your lunch." Yeah, I'll definitely cave on that one.

5. "Eat your dinner or you're going straight to bed." I'd be crazy to send my toddler to bed hungry, she'd just wake up every 30 minutes wanting food. I am probably going to give her yogurt for dinner instead..

6. "Only Daddies and Kitkats go in garages." I say that because this lie so far has made the garage a comfortable toddler-free zone not by force but by my child's choice. One less place where I have to constantly say 'no don't touch'.

7. "You're the best at climbing stairs". Um, yeah, she isn't. I love her but she got her dad's clumbiness. That girl has no spatial awareness and if I didn't grab her arm every time she decided to 'walk' down the stairs she'd fall flat on her face.

8. "Mummy will be back soon". Said as I put her down for a nap. I'm not entering that room again until 2 hours is up or the screaming starts, whichever comes first.

9. "Sorry baby we have no fruit bars left, you'll have to eat the banana instead." I have a whole box of those fruit bars in the pantry, but you aren't getting them.

10. "It's yummy, you'll like it". No she probably wont like the cold squished up broccoli that I wouldn't even eat.

11. "Don't worry, it wont hurt at all". My little girl had her 18month shots a few days ago, I used this one and then a few seconds later a couple of lovely nurses jammed needles in her arms. I am pretty sure she was not too happy with that, judging by the screaming.

12. "Sorry baby, I don't know where the crayons are." Yes I do but I am not playing this game again. Put you in your chair, take you out again, and then do it again every 5 seconds when you decide you want to draw, then don't, the do, then don't...

13. "Daddy would love to play with you". Yeah, I'm just tired and it's daddy's turn now.

14. "You cant play with those toys, they are sleeping...shhhh." Sometimes I just don't want her to throw all the soft toys around the room.


As she gets older I am sure more and more of these 'white lies' will come out. I already have a few up my sleeve  like "don't wee in the pool or it will turn blue" and "carrots will help you see in the dark".

What are some of the lies you tell your kids?



  1. Great post Lu! We are all guilty of this! And I've been guilty of giving yoghurt for dinner.

  2. Haha. "The batteries are flat" is a very common one round here!

  3. Oh yeah, I think every parent does this, and there's no shame in it at all!